Saturday, May 27, 2006

Learn Kannada in 21 Days

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You can find 9 chapters here....

A Sample Chapter

Interaction in a restaurant

Words and Meanings

Important Verbs and interrogatives

yenu ide? - What is there?
This can prefixed to enquire menus. Examples are menu alli yenu ide (whats in the menu), kudiyokke yenu ide? (Whats there to drink?). In general a question of yenu ide is like asking for the entire menu.

Ideya – is there?
This can be used when we want to ask for a specific item. Examples are coffee ideya [generic form <> ideya?]
Kodi – give
Examples: yearadu coffee kodi. - give me 2 cups of coffee.
Yeshtu – how much
Examples: Yeradu cup coffee yeshtu? - How much for two cups of coffee?

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